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Culatello is one of the most pretigious "Salami" of the Italian tradition, it originates in the Parma province and in particular from the Zibello area.

Parma is a region famous for the quality of its pigs and the fantastic array of charcuterie, made from almost every part of the locally reared animals.
Parma has the ideal climate for raising pigs and many generations of local producers have mastered the art of curing and preserving the meats.
The most expensive and highest quality cut is Culatello, which has fantastic flavours and a texture which almost melts in the mouth. It is made from the muscular rear legs of the pig, with the skin and bones removed, matured in the ars on the banks of the river Po and of the lower Parma.
Taking Prosciutto as reference which is made from the internal thigh, culatello is obtained from maturing only the rear musclc of the thigh, for at least 12 months.
Its weight varies from 4 to 5 kg; its form is charateristcally pear shaped. To obtain a culatello you have to "disassemble" a pig-thigh, giving up its use for an already valuble product such as "prosciutto"; this together with the craftsmans workmanship, the lengthy maturing and its pleasurable taste explain the particularly high cost.

*Gluten free

*Made with 100% Italian meat

*Maturation: 12 months

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