GUANCIALE AL PEPE - 1.2kg (avg)

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Salumificio Sorrentino
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The Sorrentino Guanciale has features that makes it unique:
• the fresh meat comes from the internal slaughter and the anatomical part is processed fresh, without any temperature changes.
• the trimming and cleaning of the fresh part are done by expert butchers and the product is massaged and mixed with natural spices: it stays for a week to absorb the tastes and aromas that will give it the unmistakable flavor.
• The aromatization with natural black pepper (or chili pepper depending on the case) is made strictly by hand, to ensure uniformity on the surface of the product.
• Guanciale is later dried for few days before been moved to maturing cells for at least 45 days.
• The entire slow process allows to have a result of excellence and an incredible product, great for cuisine and to taste as sliced, following the rules of the ‘good old tastes’ in the tradition of the Sorrentino family.

*Gluten Free

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